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Anonymous: So I have a good friend. She's a great person. We never have problems between us. But I don't know what it is that draws me away from her. I never want to hangout and I barely want to talk to her. I feel so bad that I think like this. She tends to over dramatize things that happen and exaggerate stories like every conversation, which really irritates me but that shouldn't make me not want to talk to her. I feel like such a bad person for thinking like this. Am I selfish or something?

Hey there!

Sometimes people just aren’t compatible as friends (in my opinion anyway) You could both be great people but just not click, yknow? It doesn’t make you selfish at all, or a bad person. You can’t help how you feel :) If you don’t want to hang out with her then don’t, no-one can force you and if it makes you feel more positive then im all for it! and if one day youre like ‘shes rad im gonna hang out with her’ then thats okay too! sometimes things that annoy you change over time, just go with the flow :)


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anonymous submitted:

don’t know what to do

boys and girls can be best friends right? but what do you do when your boyfriend is also your best friend but you’re not his? and when it seems like he cares more about his best friend than you? and when it even seems like she is his girlfriend instead of you? i never trusted them being togheter.

when my boyfriend and i got togheter they already seemed super close to each other, when i was with him he was constantly texting her and they send each other 4 ♥’s. i got annoyed of it so i asked him to stop. (he always got mad when i texted another boy, he still does) so he stopped. but they were still close in front of me (like hugging and teasing each other in front of my face) i also asked to stop that so he did. everything was fine and i started to trust them again. but lately something happened. i live in belgium so there were kanaalfeesten in Willebroek so i went there with my boyfriend and his best friend came with us. (she’s also a friend of me btw) but they were constantly hugging each other and playing and teasing each other in front of my face, they were acting like i don’t even existed. We sat around a table, just the 3 of us. but suddenly my boyfriend and her were gone, they stood up and went somewhere and left me all alone out there. he also gave his sweater to her when she was cold while i was freezing too. they just acted like i wasen’t there at all. and it seemed like she was his girlfriend. he also let me down a couple of times just to hang out with her when i needed him. so i just don’t know what to do. i talked to him about it but he doesn’t understand how i feel. he never really cared about my feelings..

Hey there! :)

I apologise for the late reply. sorry if im speaking out of line but this boy sounds like a bit of a jerk! im annoyed for you. I suggest seriously talking to him and telling him everything your telling me and that hes being completely inappropriate. It’s possible he doesn’t realise hes doing this to you and if you have an honest chat with him about it and tell him how hes making you feel if hes a good boyfriend he should stop. 

It might also be an idea to talk to the girl if your close enough. If you choose to i’d suggest doing it in person and being careful with your wording, girls are defensive about that kind of stuff usually. Let her know firmly that he’s your boyfriend not hers and it needs to stop.

I really hope you can sort things out! Best of luck


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I know we have a submission but i cant answer it on my phone without posting your url so please be patient!! Ill try to get access to a computer asap

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Anonymous: So, my gf flirts with one of her b friends all the time, they call each other babe, bae, boo, and are always saying they love each other and need each other. I don't think that its appropriate when I'm her gf, for her to always say that to another girl. She says that I have no right to be bothered by it and that this girl is her best friend and they're just friends. She also said she wants to make sure her friend doesn't to over think the relationship based on the flirting, how isn't that wrong?

Hey there!

If this is making you uncomfortable you were right to tell her and although you can’t force her to change how she acts you can certainly ask. If she’s refused to change you then have to decide whether you want to continue the relationship or break up with her. Honestly she could just love her friend as a friend and have that kind of bond ( myself and other people i know have had friends who we acted closer to but never felt anything for) though there is a possibility that she does have stronger feelings. I would suggest sitting down and talking to her properly, discussing how it makes you feel and how she feels etc and go from there :)

Hope i’ve helped,


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Anonymous: So there is this guy and I don't exactly know if I like him. I don't want to like anyone right now. He is very cute and I am attracted to him and we tease eachother. Then on Sunday we were all out to eat together and he texts me in the middle of dinner for the first time saying ayy. Then we texted the rest of the night and Monday. Then I abruptly said goodbye and he said he would text me and then he didn't. I texted him today but the convo didn't last and idk if I was delusional or he liked me.

try to give it time, if you guys do really like eachother, things will work out and the pieces will be back together(: dont think right at the beginning if you like him or not, cause it could change. stay strong(: 


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Anonymous: Hi. I wrote about having medical issues and a friend with mental illness. I wanted to reach out now that I've stabilized, but I just found out it's a degenerative disease. In the past, she seemed almost mad at me for getting sick. Our distance was partly her avoidance and partly my exasperation. Her behavior was extremely out of character throughout our 6yr friendship, so I was hoping to rekindle things. Now I'm afraid of putting this long-term burden on her. I feel terrible staying away though.

Also, to follow up on the last question (on medical issues), Idk how to go about telling any of my friends about my disease. I’m afraid of misjudging who I should tell vs. keep things private with and straining any more of my friendships. And when I do tell whoever I tell, how do I do so in as un-burdensome a way as possible?

Hey, Sorry for the slow reply !

I am sorry to hear it is degenerative and i’m sending good vibes to you and your loved ones, we are always here for you.

I’m sure she isnt mad at you for getting sick, she is probably worried but doesn’t know how to express her feelings properly and mental illness can make people appear selfish. I suppose to decide what you want to do you could try and put yourself in her shoes. If you were her would you want to know whats going on and about an illness your friend has? 

You could always give her the option of staying friends of distancing yourself, then its her choice and you can’t feel bad (though you shouldn’t anyway)

For the second part of your ask i tried to use google to find info as i’ve never been in your situation but it wasn’t much help:( I’d suggest starting off with family and your best friends, the people you trust and see often, and then once you have their support chat to them about who else you think you should tell. Having a good support network is always a plus.

I’m sorry i couldn’t be of more help, Good luck :)


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A new member is joining us as of today! Katy will start answering asks soon :) 

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