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Anonymous: I'm a girl, I'm 17. I was texting/seeing this boy for about 2-3 months and over Christmas I really thought there was something between us and then all of a sudden around the middle of January he stopped texting me, we still talk on snapchat like every day but he's been with other girls since and I've been with another guy but I still like him but also hate him but also just want to be his friend and talk to him and ugh I hate this :(

Hey there!

You could try arranging to meet up with this guy with some friends or start talking to him on networks other than snapchat? But be careful about getting your feelings hurt if you’re still attached to him and aren’t ready to be ‘just friends’ (we have to assume that’s what he wants unless proven otherwise)

If he agrees to meet up, take it from there and try to build a good friendship!


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Anonymous: Hi, I just needed to let out my fears/feelings etc. I fear I may be pregnant due an accidental mess up with my contraception pills. I missed a period and if I am pregnant I may consider abortion. It's not something I want to do or will be proud of but im not in a good place to be bringing up a baby. Im in college and a few months away from being 18! What are your opinions on this? Thank you x

Hey there,

Our personal opinions are not relevant, what is important is what’s best for you and if that is abortion than thats okay! Having and bringing up a child is a big responsibility and if you’re not ready then you can’t rush into it.

I’d suggest getting a home pregnancy test/seeing your doctor if you have one before spending too much time worrying about whether you’re pregnant or not. I wish you the best of luck and whatever happens you are always free to message the blog again for advice or if you feel the need to rant :)

Best wishes


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I submitted last night about the fear of having to confront my boyfriend for a third time…and right now, I’m kind of upset because he sent some other girl a picture last night saying “You’re my favorite daydream” and deleted two entire conversations with girls he was talking to last night…It just seems really suspicious…and it’s breaking my heart.

Hi lovely, I think you deserve a lot better than a guy who is such a flirt with so many girls that aren’t his girlfriend. You should definitely be your boyfriends favorite daydream, the one he loves and the one who’s pictures he has saved on his phone. And there is a guy out there who will only love you and make you feel secure about his feelings for you. If I were you I would end things right away. Love, Tesa
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I need some relationship advice…I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 4 months now (he moved in with my mom while I was at college and now I’m home) and I have a really hard time trusting him.. I’ve had to confront him twice on talking to girls by talking to them… Telling him he loves them…Etc. The second one… He still saves pictures of her and all that… He has a lot of friends that are girls and I just am worried all the time that I’m going to find a third girl to confront…help?

I don’t think it’s ok that he tells other girls he loves them. I would only be ok with this if the girl my boyfriend said he loved was completely like a sister and it was platonic which it doesn’t seem to be in your case. You deserve a boyfriend that loves only you and has eyes for only you. You shouldn’t have such a lack of trust in him that you are constantly worried. You should give him an ultimatum stop flirting with other girls, talking them you love them, saving pictures of other girls and basically acting like he’s single or it’s over. If he cares/loved you as much as he should he will stop immediately and devote himself to being a way better boyfriend. If things continue like this there’s no way it will end up well. Trust is the basis of a hood relationship and if that isn’t there then changes need to be made. You shouldn’t have to be worried about him cheating on you. I’m sorry you’re on this situation. I hope this helped. Message me anytime. xoxo, Tesa
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Anonymous: (18,f) Almost every time I go to vent to my boyfriend about how I feel or something that's happened or just about a bad day he always seems to turn it around and make it about himself so that in the end I'm always the one comforting him. I've talked to him about it before how sometimes I just need him to listen and help me but then he stopped telling me things all together even when I knew something was wrong because he didn't want to make it about himself (he's a little immature)...

Hmm that is a tough one! You’ve done everything right so far, well done for speaking openly with him about it, that’s always best. I suppose all you can do is make it clear how much you need to talk about this thing. It’s a really difficult situation, I suppose you’ll just have to tell him that you do want to be able to communicate openly together and you want to know how he feels, but sometimes you need him to just listen and be there for you.
I hope the problem gets sorted out xxx

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Anonymous: Okay! So there is this guy I like and I have likes him since I was like 7 no joke I'm 17 so that's 10 years an I have likes other guys besides him and even had a GE bfs but I still like him any way and the feelings seem to be getting stronger-.- any way should I try talking to him? Or what? Oh and he lives like 9 hours away an we have not seen each other I'm like five years and have not talked in like 3.

If you haven’t talked in 3 years how can you be sure you still have feelings for him, you might be in love with the idea you have of what he’s like, not who he actually is. Try starting up communication again, talk, meet up maybe, see if the feelings are actually real, then maybe see where things go.
He might be a different person now, and you can’t let the past stop you from moving forwards
I hope that helps, good luck! Xxx

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Anonymous: hey! I'm 19/f am home for the holidays but began seeing someone before. We've talked every day since I've been back via text because we can't really meet while I'm farther away. We've been talking 2 months now but only seen each other about 4 times. He's becoming distant/not replying now and I'm worried he gave up. Advice?

You should call him and talk to him. There is something else that could be effecting him that makes him distant. Ask him if he wants to hang out when you get back set a date. If you really have feelings for him you should make him a priority and maybe go back to spend a day with him, because then he’d know he’s important to you. Has he expressed his feelings for you? You could tell him how you feel about him, and see how he responds.
I hope this helped.

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Anonymous submtted:

I have a friend, and eventually I realized that I’m falling for him- slowly, more and more each day. Then I knew he liked me too. :D And he makes me so happy. Now, I’m so in love with him. he makes me feel so wonderful and loved. :) But, I’m not allowed to have a boyfriend yet, and I don’t want him to wait. And I dont want to hurt him and lead him on, plus there are people keeping him down, and I dont want him to suffer. :( . And, I’ve experienced before, having a friend and we ended up being together and when it didnt worked out- even our friendship was lost. I’m scared, that our friendship will eventually be lost too. I love him so much. And I want to be together with him but as much as it hurts, I think keeping him as a friend would last longer, am I still doing right? Or am I not being true to myself anymore? :( and how should I tell him in  a way that he won’t misinterpret? In a way that he’ll understand, how much I love him but I think it’s best if we stayed like that, no commitment, in that way no one will get hurt.. right? :( I’m lost, I dont know what’s in my head/heart anymore… help? 

This is a very difficult situation. 

I think the choice you’ve made is an understandable one, its completely okay to decide that you just want to be friends.

When telling him, be very careful with your choice of words. if he feels the same he’s going to be quite upset. Let him down gently, tell him that as much as you love him a relationship just isnt possible and you’d prefer to be friends.

He’ll most likely be confused and upset, maybe he won’t understand your reasons. But all you can do is explain best you can and try to save the friendship. It is possible however that he may want to distance himself from you to cope with the situation. 

I can’t help you out much on this, im sorry:( Its something personal that only you will be able to work out for yourself, but i hope ive helped somehow! 


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Anonymous: (F,18)I've been dealing with body issues for a whole now. I'm a senior in high school and I'm finally starting to fill out a little. I've always been stick thin. I know I'm not fat but I'm not skin and bones anymore like I used to be and it's freaking me out. I'm a runner and I plan on being a college athlete so I know I have to have big muscular legs but I can't get my love for being the smallest out of my head. I'm 5'6 and 110 lbs. I also have really bad cellulite on my legs. I'm just mixed up

Hey there:)

I’m going through exactly what you are right now, your bodies gaining muscle and its different, so it’ll take some time to get used to!

Don’t freak yourself out too much, just keep reminding yourself it’s natural. You don’t have to be the skinniest or the smallest, gaining a bit of weight won’t do you any harm. Try to forget this ‘love for being smallest’ thing and replace it for a love of something else (i.e longest hair?) something which you can control a lot more. If you want to become an athlete, you’re going to have to let your body fill out. You might even think you look better with a bit of weight on you.

Most people have cellulite, again its natural and normal and nothing to be ashamed or worried about. If it’s really affecting your confidence there are plenty of creams out there for you to try, but they definitely aren’t necessary. 

Good luck! 


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